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Welcome to the shed!

In the summer of 2017 in an effort to expand my skill set, i set myself the task of building my own weather station and display the output on the internet, this is the result of that challenge.

As i now have my own web site this will enable me to pursue new projects, the next will be to find any old railway features that still exist to show that not all of the history of the railways which began in County Durham have been lost.

I am also interested in the history of where i live, not just the railways, so i will be writing pages about historical facts from Bishop Auckland and the Wear valley.

Take a look at my weather pages, but don't blame me if you get caught out in a shower of rain..


This is an ongoing project to document my interests, some i have followed for many years, others are more recent.

This is not a 'Blog' but a collection of pages describing parts of my hobbies i think may be of interest to others.

This all started in January 2018 and none of the pages are in their final form, and will be changed or rearranged over time and many pages will be added, so keep coming back to see how the site is evolving.

You may find some interesting facts on the following:

What's New

Weather Page back online

11th of April 2019 11:26

Replaced the temperature/pressure sensor (BMP280) Tested OK, also reintroduced Humidity and dewpoint readings on web page.

Weather Station offline

8th of April 2019 11:38

The weather station is temperately offline, the main weather page will not update, all other pages ok.

Weather station failed

8th of April 2019 10:41

The temperature & Humidity sensor failed overnight, attempts to reset it and 'Dry it out' have so far had no effect.

40E locomotive shed plate
Colwick Locomotive Shed Plate

Why Shed40?

40E was originally the designation of a railway motive power depot in Colwick, Nottingham, where my father started work at the end of World War 2 as an engine cleaner, and almost 20 years later became an engine driver. The site logo (40E) represents a plate fitted to the front of a steam locomotive to show it's home depot (Shed).
It has been re-purposed for my own personal internet branding, and is dedicated to my father.


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