Display Live Outstation Raw Data

Soil Temp: 18.0
Grass Temp: 19.5
Pressure: 1016.84
Air Temp: 19.62
Humidity: 85.128755888
Rain: 0.0
Rain rate: 0.0
Wind speed: 25
Direction: CBBAACAC
This data was collected directly from the weather outstation at: 16:58:35

Explanation of data

This is the raw data from the weather outstation before any calibration factors have been added, readings are taken every minute by the outstation.

This data is retrieved by a php script using udp directly from the outstation database latest entry.

Light is a digital quantity of between 0 - 1024 representing a voltage of between 0 - 3.3v, this is the voltage from a BPW34 photodiode and needs to be calibrated to show watts per square meter

The temperature, Pressure and Humidity readings do not need any calibration.

The Rain reading is the total rainfall in millimeters since midnight .

The Rain rate does not need any calibration and measures the rate in millimeters per hour based on the time between tips.

The windspeed is the count of revolutions of the anemometer in 3 seconds and needs to be calibrated to display Knots.

The direction is the direction the wind is coming from as a compass rose direction (1/16) from north, this is 8 samples in 2 seconds coded in hex format (0-F).