Hunwick Almanac

Litha Yule Ostara Mabon Imbolc Beltain Lammas Samain Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Moon above Horizon Time (inside) Date (outside) Hunters Moon 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

The picture above shows the times and dates of astronomical events with reference to local Durham time, times are shown inside the circle and dates outside the circle (one solar day and one year respectively).

It shows times of sunrise and sunset plus Dawn and Dusk, it also shows times of moonrise and moonset.

The blue sections of the face show times of three definitions of twilight, light blue is civil twilight where there should be enough light to conduct normal activities, mid blue shows nautical twilight where there is enough light to be able to see the horizon for navigation and dark blue shows astronomical twilight when it is not dark enough for astronomical observations.

The dates shown are for the current moon phase along with dates for the Equinox's, Solstice's and cross quarter days.

Sidereal and Solar Time.

Siderial time is a system whereby astronomers can locate celestial objects in the sky and is based on the time it takes the Earth to rotate to the same direction in space with reference to distant stars (as opposed to the Sun) which is aproximatly 23 hrs 56 mins.

Solar Time is based on the rotation of the earth and the position of the sun in the sky with respect to the local meridian.

As Hunwick is 1.7 degrees west of the Grenwich Meridian, it is always 6 min 50 seconds behind UTC and we have to take into account the Equation of time factor, where local 'Noon' can vary as much as +- 16 minutes due to the obliquity of the ecliptic and eccentricity of the Earth's orbit. This is the time as shown on a sundial, and is represented on the clock above by the orange hand.

For more information see: Equation of Time.

British Summer Time.

In the United Kingdom BST, one hour in advance of GMT, will be kept from 31 Mar 2019 to 27 Oct 2019.

2019 Seasons.

Sun, Moon and Tide times.

Tide times are for North Shields, Tynemouth.

For Hartlepool Add 8 minutes

For Tees Entrance Add 12 minutes

For Whitby Add 30 minutes

November 2019




Thu 2104:13 1.50 m10:31 4.33 m16:43 2.01 m22:47 4.46 m07:4815:5300:0914:25
Fri 2205:29 1.30 m11:41 4.51 m17:57 1.79 m23:55 4.68 m07:5015:5201:3514:43
Sat 2306:33 1.04 m12:40 4.75 m18:57 1.50 m07:5215:5103:0115:00
Sun 2400:53 4.93 m07:27 0.81 m13:31 4.96 m19:48 1.21 m07:5415:5004:2815:18
Mon 2501:44 5.15 m08:15 0.66 m14:17 5.12 m20:34 0.99 m07:5615:4805:5515:38
Tue 2602:32 5.29 m08:59 0.61 m15:00 5.22 m21:18 0.84 mNew Moon07:5715:4707:2116:04
Wed 2703:18 5.33 m09:41 0.66 m15:41 5.24 m22:00 0.78 m07:5915:4608:4316:36
Thu 28

2019 Festivals.

Cross Quarter Days

Christian Festivals

Islamic Calendar

Chinese New Year

All times are Local time for Durham, Adjusted for BST when applicable.

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