Latest weather Skycam View

Skycam view

This may seem a bit of a boring image to capture, But this is not supposed to be a beautiful landscape picture. It is the starting point for some image processing i intend to do to try and extract useful information.

This is all experimental at present and is subject to change at any time, some of this may prove totally useless and dropped.

computer enhancement of sky image to estimate cloud cover

The first piece of information i have extracted is cloud amounts, the picture above shows how the computer sees the image when looking for cloud, the light grey in the sky area is cloud and the blue is clear sky (you may not see much blue at the moment), from this i estimate cloud cover in percentage and oktas.

This seems to work ok during the day but fails when the light gets more red before sunset and then a blue tinge after sunset, needs more work..

Oktas is a measure of cloud amount in terms of how may 8ths of the sky is covered, this is also displayed as descriptions ie FEW, SCT, BKN etc. if the sky is totally obscured by fog or darkness then the oktas figure is 9 (I can't see the sky!)