New Blog section

I have introduced a new blog section, this will help streamline adding new pages.

13th of June 2019 17:29

New Pictures in Gallery

Some new pictures i took on my early morning walk of Curlews in flight.

5th of June 2019 09:30

Weather Page back online

Replaced the temperature/pressure sensor (BMP280) Tested OK, also reintroduced Humidity and dewpoint readings on web page.

11th of April 2019 11:26

Weather Station offline

The weather station is temperately offline, the main weather page will not update, all other pages ok.

8th of April 2019 11:38

Weather station failed

The temperature & Humidity sensor failed overnight, attempts to reset it and 'Dry it out' have so far had no effect.

8th of April 2019 10:41

Added Sidereal and Solar Time to Almanac page

Added Sidereal and Solar Time display and brief explanation to the Almanac page, done using a modified javascript.

2nd of March 2019 16:01

Change to Weather instruments

Removed light meter on main instruments and replaced it with rain total and rain rate instrument.

3rd of February 2019 21:33

Photo pages replaced with Family History pages

The single photo page has been replaced with Family History pages. Details of Potter and Meadows family trees.

26th of January 2019 15:03

New Server goes live

New dedicated, updated server with more space went live today. This now has the capability to add more pages in the future.

23rd of January 2019 12:16

Setting up new server

New dedicated server being set up

22nd of January 2019 11:41

Added Festivals to Almanac page

Added pagan and religious festival dates to almanac page. ie cross quarter days, Easter, Ramadan and Chinese new year

10th of January 2019 09:30

Humidity sensor problem

Yet another humidity sensor is giving problems, this one, a bme280 has decided the humidity has dropped to zero overnight despite the fog?

11th of November 2018 09:45

New Sunclock

Added additional twilight segments to sunclock on Almanac page, now shows Civil, Nautical and Astronomical twilight.

1st of November 2018 08:53

Bus service change

As from Monday 5 Nov 2018 Local bus service 108 & 109 Bishop Auckland to Willington to be taken over by Scarlet Band Buses.

30th of October 2018 10:49

Light sensor Failed

The light sensor appears to have failed at 1500 yesterday, tested it this morning and it is open circuit (diode failed or cable), as it is at the top of the mast it is going to be difficult to repair so no light or sunhour records for now!!

1st of September 2018 09:58

New Skycam

Got new higher resolution webcam, mounted it further up the mast and added software colour correction

6th of August 2018 17:02

Flying Scotsman Video

I have uploaded a Short video of Flying Scotsman at shildon to my Youtube Channel, Enjoy.

30th of July 2018 17:52

Ground Frost Warning

Added grass minimum temperature indicator to weather instruments and ground frost warning.

28th of July 2018 11:15

Flying Scotsman at Locomotion

60103 Flying Scotsman is at locomotion and will be in steam Fri 27th - Mon 30th

23rd of July 2018 09:41

First day of New LNER service.

Went to Darlington to get pictures of new LNER livery on East Coast trains, managed two LNER + 1 class 800 and a Horse!

25th of June 2018 15:10

Spider in rain gauge!

Had to evict a spider from the inside of the rain gauge as it had stopped tipping - covered in cobwebs!!

20th of June 2018 16:12

Added Drop down nav buttons

Added drop down navigation buttons to allow you to go to any page in just one click.

20th of June 2018 16:10

Removed Computer section from site

I have removed the links to the computer section as it doesn't have a lot of content at the moment. More work on Weather and Railway pages. Added Calendar and events facilities.

18th of June 2018 21:19

New Almanac page

Added new almanac page with graphical sun and moon rise and set times, will eventualy include more data in tables.

16th of June 2018 21:40

GoPro camera drowned!

The GoPro camera i installed to experiment with overhead images has drowned in heavy rains. Although it was in a water tight enclosure, it stopped working during a heavy rain storm. On inspection i found it full of water. The water had leaked in round a replacement front glass. It is currently sitting on top of the boiler to dry out - i don't have much faith in it ever comming back to life...

6th of June 2018 20:24

Skycam page changed

I have removed the timelapse video from the page and added a description of the first image proccesing features. the timelapse may come back in the future....

29th of May 2018 15:23

NEW Skycam page

Added 'Skycam' weather page, latest weather image and timelaps video, Needs some refining but it is ok for now.

28th of May 2018 07:38

Weather Station Upgrade

The weather station has had an upgrade! I have replaced the Arduino controller for a Raspberry Pi to give me greater capacity. Need to monitor things for a few days to ensure everything is working fine.

26th of May 2018 18:28

L.N.E.R makes a return

The East coast rail franchise is coming back into public control as L.N.E.R. as of 24 June 2018. I wonder what my Father would have thought of this, he worked for the original befor BR days. See new page in the Railway section.

18th of May 2018 16:57

New look index page

Created a new index page with a short 'About me' section and a picture of my beautifull face...

12th of May 2018 11:30

Update to Weather page

Changed light meter on weather page to show Watts of power instead of EV (most people won't know what EV is) also set to auto range x1, x10, x100.

10th of May 2018 08:12

Added features on Gallery page

Added search facility on gallery page and links to Openstreetmap on image viewer page.

2nd of May 2018 18:05

Gallery pages updated

Moved gallery to it's own directory and changed it to use a database to accomodate many more images with a single viewer page.

28th of April 2018 18:20

Weather Instruments

Added Weather instruments to weather page in place of webcam image. Only basic at this time but will add aditional features soon.

27th of April 2018 10:58

New page and video

Added a new page about early diesels including a video of the Class 31 Gala at the Weardale Railway.

22nd of April 2018 16:00

Humidity sensor reading high

I think the humidity sensor has failed again as it seems to be stuck at 99%, this is the second failure in 2 months??

16th of April 2018 14:10

New Railway pages

Added two new railway pagers, Battersby Junction and Hunwick train crash. Additional pages will be produced over the comming weeks.

15th of April 2018 16:34

New Pictures in Gallery

Pictures of 'The Whitby Flyer' Seen at Battersby en-route to Whitby 48151 and 61264 in new L.N.E.R. colours.

14th of April 2018 17:42

Backup plan

Implimented new backup plan prompted by recent disk failure. Including new weekly total system backups to a seperate server and some important files to cloud backup services.

12th of April 2018 14:40

Weather pages update

Added additional stats for Growing Degree Days to monthly stats pages and added a new page for calculating Growing degree Days. (link from Weather page)

9th of April 2018 20:20

Hard disk fail

The hard disk on my server failed dramatically "exception Emask 0x50 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x40d0802 action 0xe frozen". So i was forced to replace it with a much smaller and older drive, and recover my backup. Now waiting for the replacement disk to arrive...

4th of April 2018 19:56

New pictures

New pictures added to the gallery - springtime

25th of March 2018 15:34

New home page

Updated the home page to show 'What's New' section plus other minor changes.

25th of March 2018 12:55

New web address

Set up new domain at, shorter than the duckdns name. easy to remember

24th of March 2018 16:22

Weather forecast

Changed from sager_cast.js to to produce extended forecast to speed up loading of pages, now produces a static web page with forecast embedded in it so the client does not have to load the js script (524kb)

18th of March 2018 11:14

Weather forecast

Added sager weathercaster algorithm to weather page, need to monitor to make shure things are ok

17th of March 2018 13:36

Weather data

Added Durham climate avaerage figures to monthly statistics pages.

11th of March 2018 13:52

Weather moon images

tweeked the moon images to better reflect the moon phases.

2nd of March 2018 15:16


Added webcam image to weather page as an experiment.

26th of February 2018 09:14

Sun Hour calculation

I have modified the sun hour calculation as it seems that my figures are on the high side. So i have disregarded any reading less than 120 w/m^2 and changed the threshold to 60% GHI to see if i can get better results.

23rd of February 2018 13:34


First attempt at optimising site for smaller screens (mobile, tablets) needs more work

18th of February 2018 15:44

Additional weather pages

I have added additional pages to the weather section to display the historical monthly data collected by the weather station, and a real time output from the weather station raw data.

14th of February 2018 21:37

Humidity sensor

Replaced the Temperature and humidity sensor and re-sited the position of the sensor from under the eves to under the weather station.

12th of February 2018 14:45

Weather station update

Added moon names to display, Seasonal and calendar names. Reloaded softwere on outstation to see if this cures the humidity problem- Still the same, looks like a faulty sensor, will need to get a replacement.

5th of February 2018 13:19

Reset weather station

Reset the weather ststion this morning to see if this will reset the humidity sensor, if not i will have to replace it. Monitoring the situation..

3rd of February 2018 09:44

Humidity sensor

After looking at the weather stats, i think there nay be a problem with the humidity sensor as it allways shows 99% ??

2nd of February 2018 14:17

Groundhog day

Today is 'Groundhog Day' or Candlemas, half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. If the groundhog comes out of his burrow and sees his shaddow, then there will be six more weeks of winter, no shaddow means that the worst of the winter is over.

2nd of February 2018 12:24

changed over server

moved server from web-home to web (virtual machine)

1st of February 2018 11:45

First entry

First blog entry on new server

1st of February 2018 11:19